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What is the biggest problem facing small business owners? Too many projects and not enough people or time to handle them. Sometimes you don’t have time to think. If you don’t have time to think, you don’t have time to act. Also, you don’t know what you don’t know. That’s where I come in. Whether you are just starting your business or need help with growth, Business Growth Consulting Group can help you. I work with both small and large companies, company founders and individual entrepreneurs providing every client the individualized attention they deserve.


For 35 years, I have worked both as a corporate executive and entrepreneur. The combination of large company experience and entrepreneurship has allowed me to hone a wide range of business skills with an ability to move from from industry to industry, learning the dynamics with an ability to quickly improve situations. I love seeing people succeed, so I launched Business Growth Consulting Group, a boutique firm, to help start-ups and seasoned entrepreneurs maximize potential and profits—at a very reasonable rate. I’m a sole practitioner who works with no more than three clients at a time. Why? you expect, and deserve, the utmost attention. As a boutique firm, I have access to a wide range of financial, e-commerce, operational and other professionals who can assist the same professionals who helped me succeed. My goal is to build trust with each client. How do I achieve this? I’m honest. I listen. I learn quickly and work efficiently. Sharp-minded and easy-going, I get in, I do the job, I get out. If I feel a project will not benefit you, I’ll advise you not to pursue it. If it’s clear you’re ready to fly solo, I’ll let you know. My goal is to get in to help you then exit, not hang on wasting your money.

How can I help your company?


Sales and Distribution Management

Optimize sales, customer service staff and all employees.


Business Process and
Strategy Development

Assist in reviewing and improving business processes. Review and update business strategies if needed.


Costs and SourcingReview

Conduct cost audits and seek to increase profit margins. Improve sourcing and overall supply chain to minimize disruptions.


Marketing andAdvertising

Improve efficiency and profitability.


Hiring, Managing and Motivating

Get the most out of employees, at all levels.


Acquisitions andValuations

Expand your business,reach and scope.

My Background

I’ve worked in an array of industries—housewares, tabletop, jewelry, art supplies, pet and education—and worked for two multi-billion dollar companies. For a Japanese firm, I re-structured the U.S. subsidiary, consolidating four brands under one roof, generating huge cost savings. For a French corporation, I successfully launched a specific product line into the U.S. market, landing merchandise on the shelves of every major department store, select mass merchants and coveted boutiques. 
As an entrepreneur, I expanded a distribution company by adding branded products fabricated in China. To secure our supply chain, we partnered with a Chinese company and built a small factory where we manufactured and developed products for U.S. and European distribution.

I can help your company perform better in many areas that include:

    Resource planning and management
    Supply chains sourcing and management
    Wholesale and Retail
    Marketing and Advertising
    Personnel review, assessment and training to maximize potentials
    Mergers and acquisitions 
    Succession planning

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